Little-Known Ways Martha Wright-Martinez Use to Attract More Open House Guests

Little-Known Ways Martha Wright-Martinez Use to Attract More Open House Guests

Hosting an open house is a classic strategy to get buyers to take leisurely guided tours of homes listed for sale. Odds are, you’ve been to a few yourself. In fact, the home you’re currently occupying might have been bought after attending one. Though you might be able to pull off a successful open house event on your own, having a skilled agent assist you in the process will go a long way in getting more interested parties to see your home in person. When it comes to expertly staging an open house, Martha Wright-Martinez puts her years of experience to great work.

Marketing to qualified buyers requires a honed set of skills and proper connections

You can have the greatest event ever planned, but it’s all for nothing if no one attends it. Why put forth all the time and effort into an open house if no one is aware of it? To get the most out of your open house, you’ll want to utilize the skills of a marketing professional. A skilled real estate agent will not only know the legal side of the business, but they will also be a master marketer. This set of skills really comes into play when planning an open house.

Martha Wright-Martinez uses modern marketing strategies to connect buyers to your open house. More importantly, her approach includes attracting qualified buyers to your home. This saves everyone a lot of time and energy. Through social media posts and industry connections, Martha will generate buzz about your open house.

A skilled real estate agent will know how to lure buyers’ agents into your home

It’s not just buyers that Martha Wright-Martinez will attract to your open house event. A good number of buyers’ agents routinely tour open houses, too. These agents know the value of becoming familiarized with the local real estate market’s available housing stock, and there’s no better way to do this than to view a home in person.

Martha Wright-Martinez has spent years building relationships with countless other professionals in the real estate business. Trust that her contacts will go a long way in getting the most tours at your open house.

An open house requires a real estate agent that is fully prepared on the day of the event

Anyone who views and tours your home may have questions about it. While your MLS listing Martha will create will have great information, many buyers will want to know about the nitty-gritty details beyond the specs your listing will provide. A great real estate agent like Martha will gather all the pertinent information before your open house and be armed with the knowledge necessary to answer all the burning questions from buyers and their agents.

Martha’s detailed information sheets come in handy, too. When someone tours your home, they will likely want printed information to take with them. Accompanied by a professional photo of your property, these information sheets will serve as a reminder to potential buyers of your home, keeping it fresh in their minds while they make their decision.

To stage or not to stage?

Buyers are more attracted to a home they can see themselves living in. Having a home that is decluttered and depersonalized will go a long way to achieving that feeling. However, some sellers will go a step further and hire a professional home stager when listing their Alexander home for sale.

A home stager will evaluate your space and give suggestions on how to make every room more appealing to buyers. This can involve rearranging furniture, bringing in art and decor from their supply, and implementing effective lighting.

Home staging will go a long way in getting the interior of your home looking its best to anyone who tours your open house. Ask Martha for referrals to reputable professional home stagers and watch how they can transform your home into one that will sell faster.

What you should plan for as a seller

Martha Wright-Martinez puts a lot of thought and work into a successful open house. However, one of her most valuable open house tips for sellers includes what duties the sellers will have to consider.

Keeping the home clean, decluttered, and tidy is critical. You will want your home to look its absolute best, inside and out. This is especially important in the bathrooms and the kitchen, but don’t overlook the outside of the home, either. The lawn should always be neatly trimmed and free of debris. This is obviously important for the day of the open house event but equally as important in the days leading up to it, as some buyers will drive by and take a look at the exterior of your home to get an idea of its condition. If your property looks unappealing from the outside, there’s a great chance they will skip your open house and move on to the next one on your list.

Another valuable open house tip for sellers that Martha Wright-Martinez imparts to her clients is to be absent during the event. Many buyers will feel pressured if the seller is there, even if the seller isn’t engaging them in any way. Martha will know your property inside and out and will be able to competently and confidently answer any questions or concerns that prospective buyers might have.

Take the next step

The decision to sell your home is one that should take careful consideration and a lot of planning. After all, a home is the single largest investment for most Americans. Getting the highest possible price at close should be your ultimate goal. To get the most for your home, working with a dedicated and experienced real estate agent is strongly recommended. A seasoned professional like Martha Wright-Martinez will help you maximize the value of your home and make the selling process seamless and stress-free.

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